Her caffeine addiction

28 Apr
Flickr / thepinkpeppercorn

Flickr / thepinkpeppercorn

New motherhood gave Mommy two gifts: a beautiful baby and a caffeine addiction, both with remarkable headache-inducing and bank account-depleting powers. Good thing Mommy discovered the perfect headache remedy: more caffeine! Mommy’s Starbucks habit recently escalated to a point where impulse buying a $300 espresso machine on eBay was actually a financially responsible move. In theory. Unfortunately, the machine is so complicated that Mommy can’t operate it until after she’s had caffeine. Which means the Delonghi is now collecting dust on (80% of) her kitchen counter. One day Mommy will be on trend and give up caffeine completely, along with gluten, dairy and American Idol. Unfortunately this will also turn her into the most miserable human being on earth. Like you, caffeine is something Mommy just can’t imagine her life without.

DRINK: Wake-up Call. 2 shots espresso, ¼ cup almond butter, 1 ripe banana, 1 cup ice. Combine ingredients in a blender and enjoy this protein and caffeine-packed breakfast smoothie. If kicking your java habit is not in the cards this year, at least consider trading up from Randy Jackson to Adam Levine.

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