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Reasons Mommy Drinks with Kathie Lee and Hoda

13 Sep


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Dora The Explorer

4 Jun


DORA: Hi. Hola. Do you know how we can get Mommy a drink?

Long pause.

DORA: That’s right! The Wine Fridge. Can you say “Rioja”?


TALKING SNAIL: Vino tinto!

TALKING WINE FRIDGE: Yum yum yum yum yum. Delicioso.

DORA: Si.  Yes. How will we open the bottle?

CORKSCREW WITH EYES: (singing) I’m the corkscrew, I’m the corkscrew, I’m the corkscrew, I’m the corkscrew, I’M THE CORKSCREW.

DORA: Great! The corkscrew opened the wine. Now Mommy can have a drink after overcoming today’s obstacles, such as: the Riddle of Why You Won’t Put on Pants, the Daycare Meltdown Puzzle, the Late for a Work Meeting Again Race, the Snapping at Daddy Dance, the Great Bedtime Battle and conquering Mt. Laundry.

CHORUS (all singing):

She did it!  She did it! She did it! Hooray!

Yeah she did it

Mommy made it through another day

Without having a nervous breakdown

She did it!


Roll credits.


DRINK: Anything from Spain. This includes cava. Qué viva España!



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