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The Holiday Card

26 Nov

Family photoGone are the days when sending holiday cheer to family and friends involved buying a club-sized pack of generic “Season’s Greetings!” cards. The personalized family holiday card has not only become a base expectation, but a way for the newest generation of parents to confirm to everyone in their social network just how original, talented, or awkward they really are. Mommy and Daddy already have a huge strike against them after failing at life last year with a mass holiday e-greeting sent at 8 pm on Christmas day. Which is why this year Mommy is more determined than ever to create the masterpiece that earns acclaim and envy from even the toughest critics on her holiday mailing list. The problem is that every creative direction under consideration has some serious downsides, as follows:

1)      The Glamour Card. Although Mommy immediately fell in love with the idea of a Kardashian-inspired family photo perched upon the mantel of everyone she knows, doing the math on the hair and make-up team, cashmere sweater vests, mansion rental, and extensive post-production work required to pull this option off quickly rendered it out of the financial question.

2)      The Precious Work of Art. Even though Mommy can think of nothing more fulfilling than spending her zero free time die cutting glitter paper nativity scenes, Mommy firmly believes that adults should have the maturity to acknowledge both their strengths and their weaknesses. Enough said.

3)      The “We’re sooooo Hilarious!” Card. Check out this hysterical idea that Mommy and Daddy conceived for a Christmas card, totally not stolen from awkwardfamilyphotos.com! We spent an entire afternoon finding these moth-infested Christmas sweaters at Value Village! Aren’t our puns really clever?! p.s. To Aunt Sally who was recently born again, please don’t be offended by our slightly off-colour Santa joke!

DRINK: The Holiday Fizzle. 1 ½ cups raspberry juice, 3 scoops raspberry sorbet; ½ cup carbonated water Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth for a fizzy mocktail the whole family can enjoy. And remember that if your holiday card  is a bust again this year, you can always take a second stab in January with a reputation-redeeming New Year’s greeting.

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